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Contact Between Display Case And Display Stand

Oct. 31, 2018

In the previous article, we mentioned the difference between display cabinets and display stands. Let Customized Corrugated Displays Supplier  talk about how they relate to each other.

The same points of display stand and display case:

1. Display stands and display cabinets have the same function as their names. At trade fairs or fairs, etc., we will use display stands or display cases. At this time, the display stand and the display cabinet are all playing the role of display, and the products and collections we want to display are better displayed, giving people the opportunity to understand and recognize.

2, the display frame material is acrylic, but also Custom Corrugated Display, the display cabinet material is mostly composed of solid wood plus glass windows.

The difference between display cabinet and display stand:

1. The display stand can be said to be a hollow display case. The display stand has far more functions than the display case. Because the display frame is a hollow design, it is more comprehensive when the items are displayed, so that people can understand more thoroughly. The display cabinet is far less effective than the display stand. People can only watch the front side of the items in the display cabinet, and the back side is invisible.

 2, the use of the two has a significant difference, the display frame is mainly used for merchandise display, such as promotional meetings, trade fairs, generally in the display, but also on the display rack posted the business's LOGO, from To the role of advertising. The display cabinets are mostly used in conferences and exhibitions. The display cabinets are more conservative than the display racks. Therefore, they are more stable and suitable for displaying some corporate image representative items or for museum display items.

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