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Display Techniques For Corrugated Display In Supermarkets

Nov. 04, 2018

How to do terminal sales is a must for any supermarket store. Commodity display is a must-have channel for Shangchao Terminal. Good product display can facilitate and stimulate customers' desire to purchase, and can also enhance the brand image of goods in the supermarket.

This is especially true for Custom Corrugated Display paper stacks that combine aesthetics, direct cost, and ease of construction.

How to put a stack of paper shelves in the mall that can stimulate customers' desire to buy, the following three points are the most important.

First: the placement of goods conforms to the law of “small, big, and light”

When placing goods on display racks or paper stacks, in order to keep the paper shelves stable and safe, the overall center of gravity should be lowered: the method is to put light and small goods on top, and place heavy and bulky goods under the paper shelves. It is also more suitable for people's visual habits.

Second: the layers on the paper shelves are clearly defined

The most natural viewing angle is head-up, so you should choose a highly appropriate paper display stand to place different items by level, category, and primary and secondary. The five-layer paper display stand, the top three layers on the top is the easiest to notice when consumers shop, and the bottom two layers are basically ignored. Customized Corrugated Displays Supplier  recommends that you put the main products or the products that participate in the promotion. layer.

Third: the same kind of products are neatly placed

According to the principle of commodity classification, the products are systematically placed in the paper display rack according to the type, to avoid the phenomenon of scattered distribution or repeated in different classification catalogues. So as not to bring consumers a messy visual experience or other confusion.

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