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Eight Factors Affecting The Flatness Of Corrugated Board

Oct. 29, 2018

The flatness of corrugated board is one of the important indicators in the production technology of carton. It is directly related to the quality of product printing, die cutting or slotting. So what is the reason for the flatness of corrugated board? Customized Corrugated Displays Supplier  analyzes this issue.

The main reason that affects the flatness of cardboard

1. The paper type and grade are different. There are imported, domestic kraft paper, imitation kraft paper, corrugated paper, tea board paper, high-strength corrugated paper, etc., and divided into A, B, C, D, E, grade. According to the paper quality difference, the general paper is better than the paper.

2. The main technical parameters of the paper are different. From the carton performance requirements or the user's cost reduction, the paper in the carton is required to be different.

3. The moisture content of the same batch of paper is different. The moisture content of a part of the paper is larger than the other ends of the paper or the paper, the outer side and the inner side of the paper; the moisture content of the core side is different.

4. The length of the heated surface of the paper through the preheater is not properly selected or adjusted (the wrap angle) is heated and the length cannot be arbitrary, which affects the preheating drying effect.

5. The steam spray device or the spray device on the equipment cannot be used correctly, so the humidity of the paper cannot be arbitrarily increased.

6. After the paper is preheated, the water is not enough time or the environment is humid, the ventilation is poor, and the production line speed is improper.

7. The amount of glue applied to the single-faced corrugating machine and the gluing machine is improper and uneven.

8. The steam pressure is insufficient, unstable, the traps and other accessories are damaged or the water is discharged at the end of the pipeline, which causes the preheater to not work normally.

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