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Talking About Five Ways Of Packaging Creative Expressions

Nov. 02, 2018

First prominent personality

Different products have different characteristics. This feature is often the difference between a company and its products that distinguish it from other companies and brands, reflecting the difference between this product and other similar products. The appeal of a company's products to consumers is often not due to their commonality, but to their individuality.

Second consumer positioning:

The object of the packaging screen is the identification group and influence group of the product, and is the ultimate consumer of the enterprise product. When designing a designer, it is important to know who the product is sold to. This is a positioning design that focuses on the specific consumer groups of the product. Consumer groups can be divided according to age, gender, country, culture, and hierarchy. Different products face different consumer groups. Therefore, design can only be directly confronted by thinking about the specific consumer groups that the products face. The effect is to bring the product closer to the consumer and create a sense of affinity.

The third emphasis on the brand:

Different products, different brands and trade names, and a personalized brand image are powerful weapons to occupy the market. New products often use the new creative image to win the favor of consumers.

The fourth is to use the least amount of investment:

To get the most out of it, this is a business creed, and the performance of the design can also be used. However, the design is less than the result of a large number of ideas and multiple schemes in the early stage. It is the essence of packaging graphics and texts. It is used in the tenth, ingesting the main color and simple arrangement of the packaging, and the clear and simple packaging screen makes people feel noble and elegant. . Extremely few, sometimes more than cumbersome, this is not a simple, but refined and concentrated.

The fifth degree of grasp:

Packaging design is a practical visual art. It has the duality of function and art. In order to achieve strong artistic appeal, all other forms of visual art can be its means of expression. The artistic expression of each painting language is to convey product information. of. The packaging uses the oil paintings of famous painters to decorate the pigment packaging, which is a great idea.

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